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Just a couple of pictures/stories that I like. :)


Ludwig was out of the house walking around the neighborhood with three leashes attached to his arm a large dog on the other end of each. He was enjoying the silence, unable to cope with being at that house when his older brother and father, both Alphas, were arguing. The stench of aggression would fill the whole house well before they were done bickering. It didn’t really matter how many weights Ludwig lifted either, aggression that strong would affect him, hell it had dropped him before, just like it would any Omega.

He did feel a little bad for leaving the pair alone to duke it out. Especially when the fight was, once again, over him. Ludwig’s father was less than impressed with the training he had received from Gilbert over the years, taking him from small and helpless to built and strong. His Alpha big brother had decided to toss the thought of traditional roles out the window in concern. It was born out of the only thing his brother and father seemed to agree on for him, that his blonde haired, blue eyed look would be popular among the Alphas. It made Gilbert worry for his safety, while it made his father prideful.

Ludwig didn’t see where it was such a big deal either way. Even before Gilbert's insane training regimen there was no long line of Alpha’s at the door. Granted he was only seventeen, but there still hadn’t been a lot of interest in school. He'd been asked out all of twice and said no to both without issue. Not that that bothered him either! He was just fine the way he was, he preferred dogs to Alpha’s anyway… Loyal, smart, protective and, well... cute, but that was besides the point! Dogs he could train, Alphas would want to train him, and that wasn’t an overly appealing idea…

He was just rounding a corner, lost in thoughts, when he stumbled upon a less than pleasant scene. A small brunette, he was guessing an Omega, maybe a small Beta, and a towering Alpha, aggression oozing off of him that he could smell easily from this distance. Ludwig growled lightly hanging the leashes loosely over a fence post, enough so they would be reminded not to wander off, but they could still come if need be. "Stay." He said firmly as all three of them planted their backsides on the grass. He turned back to the people in front of him, Jogging the half distance down the block with a stern look on his face.

He didn't hesitate for a moment after he got a better look at the nervousness on the others face. Ludwig moved quickly, sweeping a leg out and knocking the large Alpha to his knees, grabbing his hair tightly to hold it as he glared down, "What the hell are you doing to this kid dummkopf?"

“Why don’t you mind your own business?” Snapped the Alpha, glaring at him. Ludwig pulled up on the hair getting in nice and close, sure his orientation would be clear at this point... adding a deeper level of shame over having his ass handed to him, while making it less likely he would get hit himself.

"Because I don't like Alphas stinking up the streets when i go for a walk." He jerked the guys head to the side letting go, "Get lost before I call my dogs."

The Alpha took off, tail figuratively between his legs, shame on his face. Ludwig watched him go before turning to the smaller boy in the road. The Brunette sighed, looking relieved, "Ve, thanks for your help, I wasn’t sure how I was going to-a get out of that without a fight.” Ludwig smiled and was about to tell him it was no problem when he continued with a light chuckle and a small smile, “Even though I’m an Alpha I’ve never really been good with that kind of thing.” Smiling wider, he held out a hand, “I’m Feliciano Vargas, and-a what’s your name?”

Ludwig's smile dropped. An Alpha? He had just broken up an Alpha fight that was over god knows what... verdammt... He tried to stay out of that kind of thing! Still... The guy must have been a pretty young one with his size. So, maybe it was fine, "Yeah... I uh... You're welcome." He wasn't entirely sure why he was blushing, but it could have been the smell he was only just noticing in the air... "I'm Ludwig, and I have to get going. I have a schedule to keep" He turned from the Alpha abruptly, leaving the poor guys hand out waiting for a shake, a he moved back to the three wagging tails. Ludwig thought he’d be clear of the Alpha, but he was so wrong...

“Hey, why don’t-a I go with you?" Feliciano said cheerfully as he appeared just beside Ludwig, "We can learn more about each other since you seem really nice! Plus I’ve never met an Omega who was tough like you are before!”

"I... I uhm..." His head spun a bit from the strangely warm scent, like spices and home... he could have drowned in it if he weren't so hell bent on not being that kind of Omega. Still it affected his brain enough to not argue, "Y-yeah okay... whatever." He said clenching his jaw and trying to get his bearings as he grabbed the leashes, "Come." He said simply, the dogs getting up and following as he continued walking.

By the time they had reached Ludwig’s house again, and he had taken the shortcut, he swore he knew half of the Italian's life story... as it turned out, it wasn't some young Alpha, he was almost twenty, so older then Ludwig himself. He had a brother, a cat, a bunch of stories from his childhood. He was a talented painter, loved cooking Italian cuisine… the list went on. Ludwig soaked it all in, despite the headache he was getting from the constant talking, he couldn't help but be endeared to it. 'it's the scent' he told himself 'a biological function set to show the success rate of mating in a couple... nothing more!' but the flushing of his face when the Alpha smiled brightly at him told a different story.

"This is my house." he said stiffly as he started up the driveway, expecting the Italian to say his goodbyes and leave... It wasn't the case when the sound of continued fighting went right through the door.

"Ve, What's going on in there?" The Alpha looked at the house, and then to Ludwig, who was slightly pink. He heaved a sigh. How could those two still be at it?

"It's my father and brother... " He said miserably looking away from the Alpha, God knows what the two inside would make of this one. By his father's standards, Alphas were suppose to be big, tough and stoic. Certainly not the overly cheerful type who talked too much.

Ludwig moved away from the front door to go around the side of the house. It was better not to have the dogs in that mess... he would put them in the back and call them in when things settled. Feliciano had followed and spoke up in concern, "Do they always fight...?" Ludwig opened up the back gate, clipping leashes from collars one by one to let them into the back yard.

"Ja," He said simply, standing to close the gate and fold the leashes up neatly, "It's what happens when two Alpha live in a house for too long." He said with a shrug moving back up to the front door, "It's nothing. Not like they're yelling at me." This time... he added silently with a sigh.

His father's voice came through the door, "Look what you've done to him! You think that's okay?! He's not even a damn Omega anymore!"

“Oh yeah?! Well if you had it YOUR way he’d be a quivering mess at the first sight of an Alpha! Personally, I think it’s awesome that Ludwig can protect himself instead of having to rely on others all the time!” He heard Gilbert yell back. Ludwig cringed. Great. Just great. Maybe they would shut up if he went in, especially since it looked like his newest tag along wasn't going anywhere anytime soon...

He pushed the door open and said loudly over the continued yelling, "I'm home." The smell of a calm Alpha should have been easy enough to pick up as soon as he entered the house, if he entered the house with the aggression that was making Ludwig's brain prickle. There were no other strange people around to mix the scent up with and it was an enclosed space. Who knows, maybe it would earn him some quiet from his father for all of ten minutes.

The yelling stopped, thankfully Ludwig looked over his shoulder and sighed, kicking his shoes off onto the mat by the door, "Your shoes go there if you're staying." He said simply before turning to climb the small staircase that lead to the main house floor, the Italian following suit quickly after.

"Is someone with you?" His father called, from the kitchen apparently.

"Yes." He heaved another sigh as he heard scuffling. For gods sake, it wasn't like he never brought people over. Anneliese came by once in awhile... granted she wasn't an Alpha, and she was his cousin but...

Both his father and Gilbert came out of the kitchen with curiosity. Before he could even make a single introduction the small Alpha spoke again, “Oh wow, you’re an Albino! I’ve never met someone with Albinism before, you’re really cool looking!” Feliciano smiled brightly.

Gilbert grinned back in a similar fashion and chuckled, “I prefer awesome myself, but thanks! I’m Gilbert, what’s your name?”

“I’m Feliciano Vargas, it’s nice to meet you Gilbert.” he said happily.

Both Ludwig and his father wore the same pained look for a moment at the exchange. Despite Gilbert’s efforts to help him become stronger, he was still nowhere near as laid back as his Alpha brother and the ease between them seemed… out of place. However within a second the look passed for his father, and now he was eyeing the new Alpha critically. He turned a silently questioning look to Ludwig who shrugged.

"Where did he find you then?" The eldest Alpha asked. Ludwig prayed, all though he felt it was probably uselessly, that Feliciano would have an ounce of Alpha pride and lie.

His prayers went unanswered.... the small Italian launching into a high speed retelling of the quote 'funny story' he kept catching faint smells of disapproval, not entirely sure from who... probably both... He wasn't even looking, by the end of it, he was leaned against a wall, pinching the bridge of his nose with his other crossed over his chest.

Gilbert was the first to say anything, “Luddy, I’m proud of you for not backing down from a challenge, but at the same time, are you out of your mind?! What if you had gotten hurt?!” he looked up at his panicked brother, but wasn't saying a damn thing until...

"Proud?! Sheer stupidity is something to be proud of?!" His father's face had gone red, "I don't care how much he lifts he's a damned Omega! He's not suppose to be chasing off random Alphas!" His father rounded on him next, "You could have gotten hurt! You probably have damaged your reputation further! How on earth are you suppose to find a suitable mate at this rate?!"

So much for Ludwig’s claim of 'they don't yell at me.'

"I had the dogs." He grumbled ducking his head a bit as disapproval intensified, stinging sharply, "I was fine." His cheeks flushed red as he cast a quick apologetic look at the forgotten Alpha...

“Well, I thought that he was really cool earlier, and he’s nice too. A lot of Omegas are usually turned off by how, well, not Alpha I-a am, but Ludwig doesn’t seem to mind.” Feliciano gave him gentle smile. Ludwig couldn't help but let his features soften slightly at it. His mouth may have even twitched up a bit, but that didn't last long.

"Great..." He said and Ludwig looked up to see him looking between the two before turning on Gilbert again, "Now he's brought home a broken Alpha. Perfect match, Happy yet Gilbert?!" Ludwig flinched at the angry german words. At least it was likely Feliciano didn't understand it but...

He wanted to argue... but when he opened his mouth, nothing came out, so he simply tightened his jaw and looked away again. Gilbert yelled back angrily in the same tongue instead, "Oh why don't you lay off it for once old man?! Not everyone's gonna fit into what you think a 'perfect' Omega or Alpha is!"

"Better my mold then no mold." he spat, Ludwig looked up in time to watch him turning for the door, "I'm going out, don't expect me for dinner." He paused turning to look at Ludwig critically but spoke with a softer tone than he had with Gilbert... his attempt at soothing the distressed Omega who was violently trying to shove his discomfort from being scolded away. "Don't do anything else dangerous while I'm gone." he looked back over at Feliciano suspiciously, "No closed doors" he grumbled. Ludwig's eyes went wide and a bright red taking over his face as his father pushed past Feliciano, grabbing his keys off the ring and went out the door.

Gilbert groaned and facepalmed as the door closed, “Sorry about him Feliciano, he’s an asshole by nature…”

Feliciano nodded slightly, “It’s-a okay, I didn’t really understand what you guys were-a saying most of the time anyway.”

Ludwig was still leaned against the wall, firsts opening and closing as he breathed deeply. He hated the Omega reflexes... right now they were pushing him to seek out comforting. Normally that was embarrassing enough, but in front of this Alpha? The one that smelled so good he was already feeling like the Omega his father pushed him towards being? No... He shoved off the wall frowning, "You're welcome to stay for dinner. I'm going to go get it started."

“Oh, I can-a help if you’d like! I cook at home all the time, and besides, it does seem like I caused a bit of trouble by being here in the first place, so let me make it-a up to you!” Feliciano smiled brightly. Ludwig was about to refuse the help, it was his house, Feliciano was a guest... guests didn't cook. Plus, he feared what condition his kitchen would end up in... But then Gilbert grinned and pulled the Italian into a hug.

“I don’t care if you’re an Alpha or not, you’re just so freaking cute!” That caused Feliciano to blush, and Ludwig to frown.

“U-Um, thanks?” Feliciano chuckled slightly and gave an awkward smile at the albino Alpha, squirming slightly. Ludwig felt strangely jealous at the contact between the two, how easy Gilbert made it look and how little Feliciano fought it.

"Come on." Ludwig said sternly grabbing Feliciano's hand and dragging him away from his over-zealous brother and into the kitchen. He heard Gilbert huff, but he didn't care, this was his- wait, no. Stop that thought right there! He turned more red, releasing the Italian's hand to lean over the sink trying to calm himself and gain a fraction of his usual control.

“So, what should we make?” The question startled him, he hadn't actually considered that... what on earth could they... He had said he liked pasta... didn't they have some sort of noodle in this kitchen? maybe something with wurst?

"Uh... I'm not sure..." He said as he straightened up, "I usually stick to potatoes, sausages, that kind of thing... unless it's baking..."

Feliciano smiled, “Well I’m-a sure we can find some nice juicy sausages around here somewhere!”

Gilbert's roaring laughter broke through from the living room, Feliciano looking perplexed towards the sound, while Ludwig turned red... again. The Italian shrugged it off, looking around the kitchen, but Ludwig growled, moving to the doorway and hanging out of it, looking towards the living room to yell at his brother in German, "If you don't shut the hell up, Gilbert, I swear I will kill you!"

"Oh don't worry Luddy, I'll be quiet while you two enjoy some nice juicy sausages!" Gilbert said laughing louder.

Ludwig took a moment to think of all the horrible ways he could kill him in that moment... but turned his back, going back into the kitchen settling on the thought that he'd be hiding some of the dogs deposits somewhere in Gilbert's room... maybe the heater...

He was suffering a temporary mind melt a second later however when he had blindly walked into the kitchen and straight into the tiny Alpha, grabbing him to stop him from falling and successfully dosing himself in the scent he was already fighting to resist. He was frozen for a second, but thankfully Feliciano spoke, chuckling, "Whoa! That was a close one huh Ludwig?" The Alpha was smiling up at him and he swallowed dryly.

"Uh... yeah... sorry..." He let go, stepping back and running his fingers over his slicked back hair. God... could he get more awkward? "What do you want me to do... for dinner, w-what did you want to make?"

Feliciano smiled more, “I found pasta!” He held up the package of, now slightly broken, spaghetti he had found in the cupboard, “I also saw some sausages in the freezer. We’ll have to heat them up, but you said that you cook them a lot so that shouldn’t be hard for you to do right?” Gilbert broke out laughing again. Ludwig closed his eyes and sighed, vowing his revenge was going in Gilbert's pillow case too, before nodding.

Soon the kitchen was filled with the smell of food cooking. the sausages were sliced up and frying. as Ludwig watched them, making sure they didn't burn. He was use to being in the kitchen. Being the only Omega around anymore, he took over the cleaning and cooking. He kept the house spotless and the three of them fed... Along with his dogs, who were all now laying in various places in the kitchen.

He had let them in shortly after starting the frying pan, he was also used to picking over them as he moved around. He wasn't certain How Feliciano was going to handle it though. As it turned out, the Alpha handled working around the dogs just fine.

Ludwig however...

Not use to having someone else in the kitchen on top of his past embarrassments for the day had him a bit distracted. So when he turned to grab the onion from the counter by the fridge, he tripped over a dog, crashing directly into the Alpha again. Only this time taking him down as well.

They landed with a hard thud on the ground, Ludwig cringing, as pain shot through his elbow. He opened his eyes, and turned pink as he realized he was looking down on Feliciano's shirt under his cheek.

"Vee, are you alright Luddy...?" Feliciano asked.

"y-yeah... I..." Ludwig looked up, noticing the Alpha rubbing his head and opened his mouth to apologize words getting caught in his throat as he looked up, into the other's brown eyes. Feliciano's eyes locked on his, and a blush spread across the Italian's face. he could feel the Alpha’s heart beating faster, and he was sure his was matching it. Now he felt every bit an Omega, stuck in that spot, completely unwilling to leave that look or scent...

Gilbert’s voice broke the spell, “Hey, is everything alright in here? I heard a crash.” Ludwig was frozen in embarrassment, as there was a brief pause, “Uh, am I interrupting something here…?”

"I just fell," Ludwig said simply, getting up while trying not to scramble. He didn't need another thing for Gilbert to pick on later... He held out a hand to help Feliciano up, other hand on his hip as he looked away from both Alpha's trying to compose himself, recovering from the smell by breathing through his mouth.

The Alpha took it, letting himself be pulled up, “Ve, thanks.” He replied, dusting himself off.

Gilbert smiled, “So, how much longer until dinner? I’m starving!” He chuckled, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorway. Ludwig turned back to the pan, busying himself thankfully.

"It takes as long as it take Gilbert." He sighed looking at the food that was going, "But it shouldn't be too much longer... You'll survive I'm sure."

Gilbert sighed, “Alright, let me know when it’s done.”

Feliciano answered with a bubbly, "Okay!" and the pair returned to the meal.

When it was done, everyone sat at the table enjoying the food. It wasn't half bad. Not exactly the kind of thing he would generally eat, it was a bit overly seasoned... but good non-the-less. He looked over at the small Alpha, having sat across from him rather than beside. He wasn't sure what to say, he wasn't a very talkative person, but he attempted anyway, "It's good." he said before taking another bite.

Feliciano smiled brightly, “Yeah! I’ve never made pasta with sausage before, so I’m glad it turned out so good!” Ludwig gave a smile smile, but it faded into slight exhaustion as his brother smiled and spoke again.

“It’s pretty awesome, and that’s saying a lot coming from the awesome me!” He laughed happily, “So Feli, do you live in the area?”

Feliciano looked over at him and nodded with a smile, “Si, I live with my grandpa at the moment, but I’m looking for my own place. My big brother Romano moved out a while ago to live with his mate, Antonio. He’s really nice, and he’s learning how to be a cook!”

Ludwig of course had heard all this on their walk earlier... then again it was hard to pick out much of what he had said when he spoke so fast, "They sound nice" Ludwig said, taking a drink of his water. He'd mentioned Lovino, his twin, was an Omega. Ludwig's head filled with images of a Feliciano double and he couldn't help but feel a little twinge of jealousy at how easy that Omega must fit into his orientation...

Gilbert nodded in agreement and smirked, “Yeah, though don’t get any ideas of running off with Feli just yet Luddy, you’ve still got your high school exams coming up!”

Feliciano choked, and Ludwig fought to keep the water in his mouth, swallowing painfully his cheeks flaring red as he gasped and coughed, "Huh?!" He said looking over at Gilbert with eyes full shock of promises of pain.

Gilbert chuckled, the smirk on his face widening, “What, you two look cute together, I could so see you guys being a couple!”

Ludwig's eye were wide and his face was on fire. He risked a brief glance at the similarly red Alpha across from him. His hands went to cover his face, elbow's leaned against the table as he grumbled, "I hate you so much east..." The images of that were in his brain now! They weren't exactly bad... but that also made it worse!

Gilbert laughed, "I love you too, West!" Suddenly Ludwig was pulled into a hold, a fist against his hair, messing it up. He grunted, trying to pull away, when he did Feliciano spoke.

“Ve, I should-a head home before nonno starts to worry about me.” He stood up and offered a smile to Gilbert and Ludwig, “It was-a nice meeting you two, feel free to-a come over any time!”

Ludwig stood and nodded, hair now falling in his eyes, "I'll walk you out" He said ignoring whatever smug look he was sure Gilbert was probably wearing as he walked with the brunette to the front door trying to brush it back into place, "Thank you for... uh..." He had intended on saying coming, but really the Italian had just... followed him home... "Dinner" He finished.

“Thank you for having me, even if I-a did kinda just follow you here.” Feliciano chuckled lightly gave an apologetic smile, before going for a more cheerful smile, “Still, I really do mean it, feel free to-a come over and visit me any time, okay?”

Ludwig's mouth twitched up and he nodded "Yeah, for sure."

Ludwig watched the Alpha head down the driveway before going back inside. Part of him was glad to be free of whatever instinct driven web he’d been caught in… The other was a little disappointed that he’d neglected to ask where exactly Feliciano lived. But it was probably all for the best, he didn't need to get caught up in whatever that was until he was finished with school at least.
Yao stood at the head of the room as people bustled in settling. He was shifting papers around, Welcome packages for new members and the likes. They contained call sheets and stickers, different printouts about different topics. Things like same orientation attractions, rarer orientations, trans-orientation or gender, basically anything you could think of, it was there. He kept looking towards the door waiting for Ivan to arrive. He had to run the last one alone due to Ivan's heat, but he was suppose to be back for this one.

Ten minutes later the large Omega appeared, panting softly, "Sorry for running late Yao, I was having some trouble getting ready this morning and had to run to get here!"

Yao pursed his lips but nodded, “At least you show up.” He said curtly, “Get everyone sitting so we can get meeting part started? Late people can just sit in back rows.”

They needed to discuss things like events and such. It was a fairly new club, so they had to have some planning time. It has been a surprise how quickly the sign up sheet had filled. Apparently a lot of people felt like they didn’t fit… Ivan, was obvious why. His large size tended to overshadow the delicate Omega personality to everyone he met. Happily he had found a mate, but obviously the struggle didn’t stop there.

Yao had almost the opposite problem. He was slight, delicate, pretty… very Omega… until he opened his mouth. There were a few like that of course but most of them also liked Alphas still. Yao didn’t. He didn’t want someone telling him what to do and when to do it, he didn’t want to be kept put away and safe, or someone who wanted him for his heats. He wanted an equal. That’s why he’d been drawn more towards Beta’s.

This, however, wasn’t a very popular opinion. It wasn’t as looked down on as same orientation attraction… but usually it was Alphas with Omegas and Betas with Betas. That’s what most the student body seemed to think… and that’s what his parents thought. So as much as Yao didn’t suffer the same looks, whispers or rudeness Ivan did for his outward display… he also couldn’t express himself as freely as he wanted.

Yao sighed as everyone sat down, getting up in front and scanning the room, "Alright! Hurry up!" He snapped loudly looking around at them, "We can get to talking and treats after! Trust me I'm looking forward to food more than all of you!" He looked towards the door and noticed someone standing there. He was too far off to smell orientation, and in this group guessing was impossible, "Hey you!" He called with a frown in his usual sharp tone, "Don't hang in door! Come in if you're coming in!"

The raven haired man in the doorway looked nervous and shook his head, turning to leave. Yao sighed crossing his arms, "Whatever." He mumbled pushing the person from his mind, "Okay! We have a lot to get through, decisions to make! And as I said, I'm hungry, so let’s get to it!" He called out.

The meeting went on. Everything being voted on. Yao felt it went okay... it could have been faster... Now he sat on the edge of the small stage like platform with food on his lap next to Ivan, "Maybe we should have greeter or something." He said, his mind nagging back to the person who'd run off earlier... "Bring people in the door who come for the meeting, keep the people who come to stare, out..."

Ivan nodded in agreement, "That one person from earlier seemed quite nervous about being here. I don't believe that having you snap at them helped the situation either..." He picked up the bagged lunch he had brought and started eating the sandwich he had packed in there.

"What do you mean snap?" He said frowning and huffed before grumbling, "I do not snap. I simply think you need to figure out which side of door to be on!"

Ivan sighed and shook his head softly, "Well, maybe he was a little scared by the number of people here today. Even I'm surprised by how many showed up!"

Yao nodded, "Yeah... Maybe." He agreed, but it still bugged him...

It continued to bug him for the next few days, irritating replays of the kid shaking his head and Ivan's voice, accusing him of snapping. It was getting on his nerves! If he saw the guy again, he was going to get to the bottom of it! Too bad he had absolutely no info on him...

But he had other things to worry about today... His parents had been nagging at him to get a stupid yearly exam done. He had to make sure he stayed in good shape for his future Alpha. He sat moodily in the waiting room for ten minutes before he was called, "Yao Wang, the doctor will see you now." Yao shifted and stood, following the nurse down the hall and towards the exam room, entering the one she indicated.

He was taken off guard by the voice as he looked up and his eyes widened, “Hello Mr. Wang, I’m Kiku Honda. I’m a medical student who will be assisting your doctor today as part of my learning. He should be with us in a few minutes.”

"You! You're the guy!" He exclaimed. Moving closer with his eyes narrowed and hands on his hips he sniffed, no scent... probably Beta. Kinda small... but that wasn't too unusual. If he was a medical student... was he coming to observe them or something weird?! "Why did you leave the meeting the other day?! Huh? Were you just there to look at us or are you just scaredy cat?!"

Kiku gulped, “U-Um, I-I was looking to join, but when I saw how many people there were I got a little scared. Then when you snapped at me, I decided to leave and maybe try again another time…!”

Yao scoffed again, turning away and crossing his arms, "I do not snap! Why do people keep saying these things?!" He turned back putting a finger out to point at this Kiku Honda, "Come next time then! Sheesh, if you don't like crowds just come early. Then it will build slower and you won't be so scared right?"

Just then the door opened and the doctor entered the room, "Yao Wang?" He said still staring at his chart, looking up and raising his eyebrows, started at the display. "Is... everything Alright? W-were you able to get a height and weight?" He asked looking unsurely between the two.

Yao retracted his finger, arms crossed again, closing his eyes and frowning, "Why you need my weight. do I look fat to you?" He grumbled under his breath.

The Beta sighed, "Everything’s alright sir, but I wasn’t able to do a height and weight check in the time you were out, I apologize."

"That's quite all right, we can always get them at the end!" He said cheerfully. The doctor put down the file and walked to a table, pulling out a backless gown, "Now..." He said trailing off as he checked the size, "If you could just step behind the curtain and put this on, we can start!"

Yao looked at the gown and repressed a groan. He pouted but nodded taking it without turning an eye towards the beta as he moved back to the curtain, yanking it around and quickly changing. He didn't like exams... and he liked Alpha doctors doing exams that much less! Normally a beta in the room would be a comfort of sorts, but this one was so damn young and obviously scared of his own shadow! He peaked through the gap narrowing his eyes. At least he wasn't bad looking, he mused to himself before he stepped out, grasping the back of the gown together, face pink as he looked at the floor.

“If you are ready, Mr. Wang, we can begin.” Yao turned looking at the medical student, the doctor moving back to sit and observe. He frown for a moment before he remembered the paper he'd signed at the desk... the nurse had been prattling on about consent for student exam or something... he hadn't been listening really, just signed it to shut her up... Part of him was comforted by the fact that, at least for the moment, the Alpha wouldn't be touching him. It was embarrassing and felt uncomfortable having some weirdo put his hands all over you! If he could have had an Omega doctor he would have preferred it... but they were so rare... Beta was as good as it was going to get.

He nodded and his eyes zeroed in on the Beta's shaking hands. Yao pursed his lips in slight annoyance, and he was prepared to raised his voice again, but the look Kiku wore now was so similar to the one he had worn in that doorway that he pulled it back a bit, "Just because I snap," He rolled his eyes at that, "Does not mean I'm going to bite." He grumbled moving to sit on the exam table, moving his hands to hold the edge of the table now his ass was firmly sat.

Yao watched as the Beta looked at his hands, taking a deep breath before moving to the table, “So, before we begin, have you been feeling any unexplained pain or discomfort recently? Is there anything else you’d like to discuss that I should be aware of before we begin?” He came off professional, serious and unshaken. It was enough to ease Yao a little at least.

"No, nothing hurts." He flushed a little, "Heats have been eight days instead of six the past few cycles." He said looking away, "But everything else is normal." he added sharply. Stupid heats, who the hell decided to put them through a week of hell in a tiny room begging for it? Obviously whoever it was was an Alpha... they don't deal with childbirth or anything... knotting and rutting seemed to pale in comparison, and Beta's just got the jack pot. His preference to Beta's was the only thing that kept him from outright hating them in jealousy as well.

Yao glanced as he heard the scratch of pen on paper, "If you have been under a lot of stress lately, or have had a major change in your sexual relationships, such as breaking up with a long-time partner, than that could be the cause of it as well. For now it shouldn’t be anything to worry about, but if you notice anything else out of the ordinary, especially around or during your heat, please be sure to inform us as soon as you can." He shifted uncomfortably but nodded biting his tongue and bracing himself for the cold of the metal stethoscope on his skin, still jolting a little as it made contact with his chest.

And so started the exam hell. The basics like blood pressure and eyes and throat were fine. He didn't have any complaints until the skin checks, reddening as bit by bit was exposed to be looked over... so awkward! He turned even redder when the student's hands running over his back and ribs made him shudder. He was only to happy to be completely covered and all set to hop down until...

"Alright!" The doctor, who had remained silent till this point, stood up and crossed over grabbing a modesty sheet, "Time to lie back and take a look to make sure everything is in working order inside." He said with an easy smile.

Yao's face fell, what? Oh god... "I... okay..." He muttered weakly lying back.

"No need to be nervous!" He said as he sat at the end of the table, "Butt all the way to the end! Now, are you sexually active?" He asked kindly. Yao, who had been in the middle of shuffling down, blazed red suddenly.

"N-No!" He answered tightly, looking towards the doctor then Kiku.

"Alright then! Small speculum please Mr. Honda" He asked as he pulled on a pair of rubber gloves.

Yao looked down nervously eyes wide as the thing was slicked. He knew it was routine at a certain age... though, come to think of it he didn't know what age that was. His parent's doctor had never actually done one of these. He swallowed harshly and looked up at the ceiling, not wanting to look anywhere else.

"It might be a bit cold, sorry in advance." the doctor said, slipping it in gently and slowly before cranking it open. Yao moved his hand to his mouth grunting in discomfort, "Yes I know, I'm sorry..." He said ducking down and moving to the side so he could see, "Now, you can get closer to take a look if you like, but if you could also take some notes for Mr. Wang's file..." He said quietly, "Everything looks healthy, slicking gland is the proper position. Colour looks good... cervix is... right there, again, healthy! No blemishes or lesions, no scar tissue... that all looks good! Perfect condition for an unmated Omega."

Yao wanted to die, his legs starting to shake from the uncomfortable position when he felt the metal retract and pull out. There was a clang of it hitting a tray.

"Okay, you can put your legs down now, Yao, we're all done." The doctor said rolling the stool back and standing. Yao did drop them, sitting up daintily and pulling the gown down over his knees, "Everything looks good, nothing out of place. You're free to get dressed and Kiku here will get your height and weight. If you have any concerns, you can always make an appointment." He gave a final smile that Yao did not return, and he left.

The Omega felt a little better. No more alphas in the room, now he could just get dressed and stand on a scale. Unsure of what he was suppose to say, he quickly hopped down, and winced a little, turning to walk into the curtained area and get changed.

Yao finished putting on his clothing quickly as he could, a little uncomfortable from the exam still. He came out a few minutes later, still not quite able to look the other in the eye, crossing his arms over his chest, "So... where do you want me first?" He asked referring to the scale or measuring stick.

He heard something and looked over with a hum. He cocked an eyebrow, he was sure the Beta had said something, but now he was just shaking his head, face flushed. What a weirdo... "E-Er, the scale. I’ll take your weight first.” He said as he moved over to the scale, pushing buttons on it, Yao sighed and walked that way, brushing past Kiku to stand in front of it, climbing up when it read zero.

"So... uh..." he attempted, not liking the awkward silence, "D-did you learn anything?" He felt like putting his head through a wall a second later. What the hell kind of question was that?! Did you learn anything looking inside my ass... great. He looked at the numbers as if they were fascinating, the scale reading only 110lbs.

“U-Um, a few things… Despite the fact that females and male omegas all have the same, um, internal organs, male Omegas are too shy usually to agree to this sort of thing outside of check-ups.” Kiku answered.

Yao nodded, clearing his throat, "Yeah well. I don't see what big deal is." He said lying through his teeth to hide his discomfort at being poked around inside, "It's not like it's anything weird, just looking. How else you suppose to learn. height now?" He asked hopping down from the scale.

Kiku nodded and Yao joined him walking to the measuring stick, “Omegas have it hard, from what I’ve learned while studying medicine.”

Yao hummed a frown on his face, “Yeah well… it’s no piece of cake.” he said standing with his back to the stick arms crossed, “One heat and most Alpha or Beta would be begging for mercy.” He added.

Kiku nodded again, “Still, at least Omegas don’t have to face judgement about their importance in society. Betas aren’t affected by scents, and even now some people consider us as ‘second-class’ citizens. In the past, laws were even put forth, though never implemented, that Betas could only be with other Betas.”

Yao narrowed his eyes, "You think Omega don't get treated as lessers? We are looked at as breeding tools!" He put his hands on his hips again leaning forward a little, "At least Beta are not pushed towards Alpha like some sort of sacrificial lambs! An Omega winds up with Beta and people look at us like it's some great loss or hit to family honour!"

The Beta glared, for once not looking like a mouse as he stepped forward, “At least people don’t look at you like you are defective! Strictly speaking in terms of re-population, Omegas and Alphas are essential. Betas, and the other types for that matter that most people don’t even know of, because they’re not, are often overlooked for almost everything!”

Yao rolled his eyes glaring right back with more intensity, "Oh wow! A lack of expectation! Excuse me while I cry for you-not! You can be whatever you like and you are still considered Beta! You don't fit into a certain perfect mold as an Alpha or an Omega and you are seen as defective!" He took another step closer, getting into the beta's personal space, as his heart rate sped with the intensity of everything, "You can be quiet or loud or mouthy or submissive and no one care! I open my mouth with an opinion and get told to go back in kitchen!" He snapped.

Yao watched the beta's jaw tense, before opening again, his eyes had focused on that flex before returning to the fiery brown eyes, captivated by the Beta's fighting side, as Kiku started speaking again, “Well at least you’re seen as-!” The words were cut off as Yao pitched forward, grabbing handfuls of the Beta's black hair, pulling him down suddenly into a kiss. It had the desired effect of shutting the medical student the hell up, but it also left his heart beating faster and his mind blank. When he felt Kiku's hands gripping his shirt as the kiss was returned he was about to move his hands and pull himself closer into it, intoxicated by the unexpected feeling of it, when footsteps outside the door interrupted.

Quickly yao pushed back. His senses back as his eyes widened in shock, looking at the similarly stunned looking Beta. What the hell did he just do!? Why had he-?! "I..." He started standing like a statue, but soon realized he had no clue what he was suppose to say, so instead he turned suddenly darting to the door,with a squeaked, "Sorry." ripping it open and slamming it behind him as he took off out of the office chanting a chorus of ‘what the hell!’ repeating in his head as he went.

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Arthur sighed as he closed the hotel door behind him. Escaping his Alpha wife was not something he was unfamiliar with at this point. He could still hear her on the phone shouting in French to her friend, ranting and raving about their son and his mate, going on and on about how Ivan had ‘stolen her baby’ and ‘turned him against her’. Arthur honestly couldn’t listen to anymore.

He made his way down towards the elevator, the hotel bar was his intended destination. When Marianne went on a rampage, Arthur tended to drink. Unless the fight was with him, in which case he would scream back. Marianne was dramatic enough that she wouldn’t shut him down with a command, it was much more useful to take whatever he said in the heat of the moment and use it as an excuse to run off… again.

Honestly, in the months since Matthew left for school, she had barely spent more than three weeks at home. And that was collectively... Arthur had dealt with half a heat alone, needing to rely on the mini fridge in their heat room to keep himself fed. He was use to dealing with that part of a heat alone… Marianne couldn’t stand sleeping in the nest, claiming he made it wrong, so she would just come in and out to feed and check on him as she had time. But feeding himself was a pain...

Their relationship had always been a bit strained, really they hadn’t been very smart about the whole thing. Not that they would ever tell Matthew, but they hadn’t even had that strong of a scent attraction. It was more raw passion from the arguments and general sniping at one another.

One night they had been arguing at a party and... well… Arthur had been too distracted to notice his pre-heat slipping into a proper heat. It had happened so fast, and at eighteen, neither of them were exactly in control enough to stop themselves… they found an empty heat room and Matthew was made. It had been an awkward heat… holed up in Arthur’s friend's heat room… but a bullshit excuse to his parent about being near by when it hit and being scared was at least accepted. Shortly after, when Arthur figured out he was pregnant, they were pushed into marriage.

Needless to say, it hadn’t been some amazing love story, or even a particularly bearable union so far… But Arthur adjusted to it. Matthew made it easier, both could focus on him and ignore each other. Arthur had wanted more kids, but with someone who held little to no scent attraction, Matthew was a miracle.

He sat at the bar, ordering a rum on the rocks, drinking deeply as he slid his credit card over the bar to open a tab. He was going to need to be very very drunk… there was no way Marianne's tantrum would be over by last call...

Arthur was enjoying his second drink when a smell hit him. He choked slightly, coughing. It smelled good, better then it should to a claimed Omega... As strange as it was, he didn't bother looking. What was the point? With this stupid mark on his neck, even if it was faded from the past six years of not being rebitten, no one was going to look at him anyway.

He was about to take another deep drink when the smell hit again, accompanied by a charming voice, “Bonjour, I could not help but notice that we were both drinking alone. Could I interest you in some company for the night, or at least the moment?” rather than a charmed look he was sure the Alpha was expecting, Arthur adopted an irritated scowl.

Another bloody frog... He turned to look at this Alpha and his ears burned red. The blonde was stunning... blue eyes, golden hair, sun kissed skin... and maybe a few years older then his son. He forced a scoff and turned back to the bar, holding his glass in front of his mouth speaking before taking another drink, "Aren't I a little old for you to be trying to pick up cher?" The french endearment came out harsh with his accent, but the point was made.

Rather than just going away like Arthur had anticipated, the Alpha chuckled softly speaking again, "Why, I don't believe I've ever met an Omega with such a fierce tongue before. It’s a little refreshing," Arthur raised an eyebrow looking at him without turning his head more than a fraction, "Honestly, as for age, well, age is just a number, non~? I’ve been around the block a few times, I know what I’m doing, and when I see someone I like~” The Alpha winked with a smirk.

Arthur's ears turned a darker pink and he shifted in his seat. The omega sighed, this Alpha wanted to keep trying? fine... see how he handles this then, "Any Omega stuck with my wife would need a sharp tongue to survive." he said with a dry laugh before adding for an unknown reason, "God only knows how I've managed to so far..." the slight smile that had played on his lips dropping as he tipped back the drink, signalling for another.

He saw the Alpha nod from the corner of his eye, “It doesn’t seem like you two have a very happy relationship. I’ve yet to have a mate myself, so I can’t say I can really sympathize to your situation.”

Arthur got his drink, lifting it to his lips and was about to interject that of course he couldn't, he was still a baby... He probably had barely learned how to do his own taxes, let alone felt the complexities of being mated. But before he could a finger brushed over the forgotten possession mark causing him to tense, “Tsk, you really have been alone for a long time, haven’t you…?” There wasn't any teasing to his words, and Arthur's eyes dropped, a familiar empty ache filling him along with a dose of self hate, "If I had a mate, even if I hated them, I would never dream of leaving them alone when they needed me…”

Arthur stayed still and silent for a moment, the scowl still on his face, though his eyes held emptiness and a little hurt... though he would never admit out loud that it hurt to be ignored by his Alpha... It did... regardless of how it happened, an Alpha was suppose to take care of him, care at least a margin...

He tipped the glass back again, squeezing his eyes shut and gulping down the contents. He put it back down on the counter and opened his eyes again, determination in them this time as he turned to the insistent Alpha, "You win, where are we going then?" he asked boldly. He didn't miss the Alpha flinching, but at this point, three drinks, a night of being ignored, and the shock of his only child expecting a child... he didn't much care. He would either get shot down, and be left alone to drink... or he would get laid for the first time in god knows how long... So what if he had met this guy a grand total of ten minutes ago. Who cares?! Certainly not Marianne…

The Alpha recovered quickly, the charming smile back as he stood, "I’m Francis, and our place of residence for the night, if you are alright with it, will be my apartment.”

Arthur nodded standing, "I'm Arthur," He answered, standing from his seat, "And anywhere but here, sounds fantastic."

After Francis had paid for the drinks, the pair got into a cab taking them through downtown to the Alpha's apartment. It was on the tenth floor, so after a quick elevator ride they arrived. Francis lead Arthur inside and Arthur looked around almost exhaustively. It looked to be in the same taste as the hotel he had been dragged to the one and only time he had let Marianne take him to Paris, "It's nice," he said with a half smile, "very... err... French." it wasn't a bad apartment honestly, he just wasn't a fan of the decor... and after being in close quarters in the cab and elevator with that scent... Honestly part of him just wanted to launch himself at the other... but he felt a little unsure... Francis was so young and vibrant and... Arthur was a used up Omega. Even if it was a one night stand...

He didn't expect anything else out of this. Just a night with a stranger so he could forget and maybe feel something he hadn’t been able to in a long time. He wasn’t worried about it not being good, as the Alpha had said, he'd been around the block... where as Arthur had only ever been with the one Alpha... ever... his ears were going red again, and he saw Francis look at them before smiling.

"Why thank you, I decorated the place myself. I’m actually taking an interior decorating course at a nearby college right now in fact.” Arthur nodded as Francis smiled a little wider, obviously proud. It was a bit strange... but then... so was an Omega author, in fact, most mated Omegas tended not to work at all... at least his generation.

The Alpha walked closer, Arthur's breath catching slightly as Francis fingered the collar of his shirt, “So, shall we get a little more drunk, or shall we head straight to the bedroom~?” The Alpha licked his lips and Arthur felt the boldness from the drink come back, his shyness and intimidation lost for the moment. He moved forward, grabbing ahold of Francis's collar and pulled him down into a kiss. He tasted sweet and intoxicating, and Arthur enjoyed it, drawing out his own dizzying heat before pulling back enough to speak softly against his lips, "I don't need anymore to drink."

Francis quickly resumed the kiss and Arthur was literally swept off his feet, Francis picking him up bridal style, the kiss holding steady without being disturbed. Arthur's eyes were closed as he was swept off to Francis's room, only opening them a crack in curiosity as he was laid down on the bed. He let out a small moan as gentle hands moved over him, slowly losing his clothing, his own hands quickly working to unbutton the Alpha's shirt. By the time Francis's shirt was opened and Arthur had moved to undo his belt, Arthur was stripped right down, his clothing god know's where... he didn't really care where... not while he mewled against the Alpha's mouth, shivering under his touch.

Francis finally broke the kiss, but moved instead to Arthur's neck, licking and sucking on the sensitive skin. His fingers stuttered in their task as he was trying to pop the button of Francis's pants open, and he moaned a little louder. In the back of his mind he screamed at Francis not to bite. Though, the front was begging for it.

Luckily, the Alpha’s mouth moved down and one of Arthur's nipples was tormented instead. He took in a shuddered gasp looking down on the display panting before remembering his hands. He quickly undid the rest of the Alpha's fly and attempted to shove the jeans off. Arthur's own hips raised slightly as his lower body ached to be touched.

Francis smiled, pulling back and standing to removed the jeans and boxers tossing them to the pile of clothing. Arthur bit his lip, ears, and even down to his cheeks going a little red as he watched the very naked Alpha grab a few things off his dresser.

He knew the basics of anatomy, but as embarrassing as it was at his age, he had never really seen a naked, fully grown Alpha male. He was married to a female Alpha, things were… different… and yes, male anatomy was pretty much the same in omegas, alphas and betas… except for the knotting gland. Arthur’s cock twitched in anticipation as he saw, even before it was swollen, how big Francis was in that department. Really… were all male alpha's that big everywhere? He purposefully looked down on red silk sheets instead.

Arthur felt the bed dip as Francis crawled back on, chuckling softly. A gentle finger was on his chin, turning Arthur's face and forcing him to look back up at the blonde above him, he felt a whine building in his chest but swallowed it back. He looked at the French Alpha's hand instead, in it he held up a condom, Arthur blinked at it, "Do you want me to use it? Don’t worry, I’m clean, but I know some people are more comfortable using one or not using one.” He swallowed, unsure of how to answer... he had never really had to consider one, He hadn't even thought of it. It made him feel like a bit of a moron. So in his charming way, Arthur's nerves turned to light snark to cover up his obvious lack of experience.

"Don't bother," He said, his face was still red, but a smirk of false confidence played on his lips. He lifted himself onto his elbows, closer to the Alpha's face, "At the rate you're moving I'll be in my grave by the time you're done fiddling with that thing." He raised one bushy eyebrow in challenge.

The Alpha smirked back, tossing the condom off to the side, their eyes staying locked, "Very well then, I’ll pick up the pace~” He pulled back, using a generous amount of lube, coating his cock and Arthur eyed it with interest. His gaze was cut off as Francis kissed him again deeply, Arthur returned it hands moving to wrap around the Alpha's neck. He felt the tip of the well slicked erection at his entrance, causing him to whimper softly in anticipation. He pushed his hips down, in a show of impatience... The cockiness he had been showing only moments ago abandoned and replaced with want. Francis groaned at his movements and gently push in, Arthur gasped against his lips, moaning softly. It was a little painful after so long, but it also felt amazing.

"F-francis~" He whispered needily, his face burning. Francis's arms wrapped around him, holding him close as he started to move. His thrusting gradually got deeper, Arthur's soft moans and mewls building with it. Once he was fully buried inside Arthur, Francis started to nip and suck at Arthur's neck and shoulder, getting harder and faster. Arthur's hands moved, nails digging into Francis's back as he panted. On one particularly hard thrust the Alpha hit his slicking gland. He could feel himself tightening in response and stars across his vision as he cried out, "Oh g-god! There the-re please!" He begged.

His begging set the Alpha off and his pleas were answered. Arthur cried out over and over as his slicking gland was assaulted fast and hard. He couldn’t speak, or think beyond loving the feeling of the Alpha's grip tighten on him, the feel of hot breath against his neck... He was losing it, the white of his vision and the coiling in his abdomen all becoming too much... he felt the Alpha spill inside him and it pulled him off the edge. His head tilted back as he came, his face contorted as he managed to get out a mangled cry of the Alpha's name, coating them both in while ribbons.

He panted as he came down from it, realizing there was no knot inside him... He had come without even being knotted... a pleased smile spread over his face.

Francis pulled out after a while, moving to lay next to Arthur, gathering him close. Arthur let himself enjoy it as Francis stroked his hair, the motion was making him sleepy... “So, how was it for you?” came the Alpha's soothing voice as Arthur fought to keep his eyes open.

"Was good~" He murmured, moving closer and curling against Francis's chest. It was amazing if he was being honest... best he'd had in... ever really. His eyes closed as he murmured, "Really... good..."

Arthur woke up without opening his eyes. He groaned in objection, hotter then he was use to, and tangled in limbs... his eyes opened in curiosity, looking up slightly. His ear went red as he locked onto Francis, the Alpha's arms still around him.

So, it had happened then! He was a bit lost in the thought of it, his mind addled by the still strong alluring smell. He took advantage of the others sleeping state to look over his bed mate, admiring the alpha in sobriety... but he was brought out of it suddenly as he noted how golden the Frenchman's hair looked in the sunlight... the sunlight... It was morning.

Arthur pulled out of his arms sitting up looking frantically for a clock, "Oh fuck... oh hell no no no" He found the alarm clock looking at it... nine am... nine bloody am?! He jumped out of bed, rushing around to find his clothing why hadn't his cell phone rang- He left it in the hotel last night, "Oh fucking fantastic!" He hissed, yanking his briefs on.

He quickly yanked on his clothing, checking to make sure he had his wallet and key card to the hotel room. Once he was sure they were all in place, he cast one last longing, but guilty look over at the bed and the still sleeping Alpha. What had he been thinking? He turned from the room, and quietly as he could manage and left the apartment.

He hit a stroke of luck, managing to find a cab and hurrying back to the hotel as he tried to come up with an excuse. He had gone out for a walk, found a bar, had a drink and fell asleep in a bus station because it was warm and peaceful? That was probably about as good as he was going to get, it would account for his ragged looks too...

He cringed... thinking of excuses... he should be thinking of apologizing and begging for forgiveness. How stupid could he be to have done this? Yes Mari and he had some issues... but Marriage was suppose to be about working through it right? It's not like Arthur really did much to try and keep her around... not that there was much he could have done... Guilt ate at him as they went.

When he arrived, he had reached full guilt. He hurried up to the room, apologizing even as he opened the door, "Mari, I'm sorry love, I'll explain everything just-" he cut himself off as he got in the room. There was no yelling... hell... there was no Marianne. Was she looking for him? He walked to his phone, and his brows furrowed, there was a folded note on top of it. Picking it up he read.

"Arthur, I've decided to go spend time with Jenny in Paris. I'm not sure how long we'll be... there's a few new exhibits and apparently a new pastry shop I have to go see, I'll meet you back at the house when I'm finished winding down. I hope you enjoyed your evening - Marianne"

Arthur could almost hear the passive aggression in the last sentence... His face fell and he sighed. His Alpha didn't even care that he made it home safe. There was one missed call on his phone, from last night shortly after Arthur had left the room. She hadn't called to check in or anything. He scowled as he crumpled the note and tossed it, sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.

What the hell was he doing with his life? He was with an Alpha who couldn't care less about him, with a son who goes and sleeps with an Omega he barely knows, while he's off running around with a college student!

A college student who had treated him better in the few hours of little more then fucking then his own Alpha had treated him in years. Anger bubbled up over the guilt, and before he could even think he grabbed his suitcase, throwing everything in it. He went down to the front desk, checking out before heading to the Taxi round.

He hopped into the back of the yellow car while It's driver loaded his suitcase in the trunk. The cabby got back in, "Where to?" He asked cheerfully. Arthur wasn't sure until that moment, but he'd be damned if he was going to go home to wait like a good little Omega... he gave the address of Francis's apartment.

He had reached the apartment, somehow managing to remember what bloody number it was, but there was no answer. Of course... the Alpha had gone out... he wouldn't still be home. He sighed, coming down off his emotional high and suddenly feeling like a moron. He moved to slide down the wall next to the door, sitting and hanging his head. Ahhh... how Pathetic... His jaw tightened as he silently kicked himself.

He was just considering calling Matthew and asking for a ride to the airport... heading home with his tail between his legs when a voice filled the hall, "Arthur?" Arthur looked up, locking eyes with Francis who looked confused, bags of groceries in his arms.

Arthur thought for a second about making up some excuse, claiming he left something and needed it... he could keep his dignity and this whole mess could be forgotten! But... well... It's not like if he got rejected he'd ever see Francis again and... how many other Alphas would be willing to touch a claimed Omega?

He took a deep breath and sighed looking back down at the carpet keeping his voice even as he could, "Turns out I'll be staying in town a bit longer..."
Lovino held his breath as he sat on the side of the bathtub. His eyes skirted up to the clock for the eighth time in two minutes still another minute before he could look at it. His head fell into his hands fingers in his hair as he sighed in frustration.

This was torture… a torture he put himself through after every damn heat. His eyes went back to the pregnancy test on the counter with a look of contempt. this was the fourth one he was taking this cycle. He had convinced himself he needed to, stories of Omegas who didn’t get positive results until they were already months along haunting his dreams.

He and that damn bastard of an Alpha of his had been trying for two and a half years now, and he needed to be certain. What would they do If it wound up he was, thinking he wasn’t and he had a drink? or ate sushi, or took ibuprofen? no. He needed to be sure…

His eyes went to the clock again and a lump rose in his throat. It was time… he sat still for another thirty second before standing up “Dammit, just get up and look at the fucking thing you idiot” He grumbled to himself as he grabbed the test. He looked down… one line, negative. again. He looked closer, scanning for a ghost of a second line, even going as far as to crack open the plastic casing and look without the screen in the way. definitely negative.

He tossed the test in the trash fighting the stinging in his eyes as he walked back out of the bathroom and into the almost empty second bedroom. He close the door and walked to the one piece of furniture, an old rocking chair that had belonged to his Nonna. He curled up in it and sat looking at the bare walls. He hadn’t expected to want this so much when they had first met...

Lovino had only known he was Omega for a year when he first met Antonio. It had been confusing, for him at the time, unsure of his body and how things were suppose to go. The Alpha, who was two years older than him, had smelled amazing… It pissed Lovino off. Damn bastard Spaniard was always smiling and happy… Especially around Lovino.

Lovi was too young at the time to understand things like the smell of a mate. That certain people could smell better to each other because they were a good match for breeding. So he didn’t get that, for him, Antonio was one of those people. Toni had understood vaguely, but had not said a word, simply stuck close by.

When Lovino found out about this genetic quirk, he had promptly freaked out in the middle of class and apparently turned bright red. The next time he saw Antonio, He had head butted him and cursed him out with a vocabulary such a young teen should not possess.

It hadn’t stopped Antonio though, like Lovi had hoped (read: feared ) the night after his freak out, but rather seemed to encourage him more. It was like this for years. Antonio chasing Lovino, Lovino rarely showing any affection… though there were small amounts, it was hard to resist the bastard when he was so cheerful...

In fact… it wasn’t until Antonio had graduated that much of anything happened between them. The omega had assumed Toni would be around forever, so it threw him right off track when The Alpha told him he would be going to British Columbia for university.

Honestly… it pissed him off even more, and probably more so than was really necessary considering he was only a few days away from a heat… A heat he did not spend alone.

But now here they were… Antonio was in his last year of school, he had a job, plenty of friends… and Lovino. The omega who couldn’t even manage to get pregnant with an “ideal mate”.

Lovi heard the front door open and shut, but he didn’t move from his spot. he didn’t want to talk to anyone, he just wanted to be alone. tears stung his eyes and he pulled his knees up on the chair, placing his forehead against them and glaring as he tried to fight them back.

Lovino could hear his mate walking around the apartment, calling for him, but he didn't budge. He didn't want to be seen like this. There was a knock on the door and Antonio's voice carried softly, "Lovi, are you in there?"

He buried his face deeper in his knees for a second before lifting his head enough to shout "where the hell else would I be you idiot?" Not that he would admit it... not for a million years, but part of him wanted Antonio close... It was frustrating.

The door opened. “Oh, Lovi…” Antonio said sadly, He didn't look up, but Lovino could hear the footsteps drawing closer and then arms wrapping around him.

He stayed stiff, glaring at his knees for a moment, accepting the hug. It was only when he felt this throat tighten and threaten to blow any control he had that he pushed the Alpha away "I'm fine you moron..." The words didn't have much bite behind them.

He pulled himself up to stand pushing past the Spaniard, "I'm making cannelloni for dinner, I don't wanna hear any complaints either" he finished as he walked out the door and towards the kitchen.

The Omega could hear the shower being turned on down the hall and he let his face drop a bit from the mask of being pissed off. There was no hiding the fact that Lovino was an angry person, but the anger was also a protection. If he could feel angry, he didn't have to let anyone else know how he really felt. For now he lost himself in his work... It would take at least an hour, between prep and cooking the meat... He could use the distraction. he moved to the small wine cooler picking out a bottle and pouring himself a glass before getting started. If it was negative anyway...

The pile of crepes were sitting waiting on the side as Lovino Sauteed the onions and meat adding in some of the white wine of of the bottle he was currently enjoying. He watched it with a small smile on his face, lost in the simplicity of it. once the white evaporated, he added the tomato sauce Antonio had canned a week before. stirring it in so everything could cook. He didn't even hear approaching footsteps as he cooked, but he could smell him from the moment his Alpha got there. He was pretending not to notice. Letting Antonio see a little bit of softness while still holding onto the excuse that he hadn't seen him.

He picked up the glass and took another sip before letting the smile drop and turned his head slightly, eying the still damp Alpha. "You want some?" He held out the bottle.

His mate nodded and grabbed the bottle, Lovino scoffed and rolled his eyes as the Alpha drank straight from the bottle "What are you a fucking animal? use a glass idiot" He reached into the cupboard and grabbed one setting it on the counter by Antonio..

he turned leaning against the counter as the meat cooked and looked his mate up and down. "what was all the damn noise you were making about when you came in anyway?" he muttered turning his eyes to his glass and sipping.

Antonio poured a glass of wine and smiled, “Well, you remember that interview I went in for a while ago, for that full time job at that four star restaurant once I graduate? Well, I got it! They said that once I’m done with university, I can start working right away!” he said proudly.

Lovino gave a rare smile, "That's great," he was proud of his alpha, and that job would be good for them (not that they were bad off, but it would be nice to stop living off of part time work and Lovino's inheritance) but soon let it drop to a more neutral look, blushing as he realized, and turned back to check on the food. he blushed deeper "I mean good... you didn't fucking screw it up." he took another sip, focusing on the pan he could do nothing with yet.

The glass was thankfully set down a second before he was scooped up in Antonio's arms from behind “Thanks Lovi, I knew you’d be happy to hear that!”

"dammit! don't do that in front of the stove you fucking moron! you're gonna burn us both!" He snipped at the Alpha, knowing it was fruitless to try and get away.

The alpha chuckled, his grip didn’t falter for a few minutes, but when it did, Lovi was placed back on his feet “Sorry Lovi, I just love my little tomato so much~” He said placing a kiss on the now brighter red Italians face.

"Love you too you damn bastard..." Lovino grumbled just loud enough for Toni to hear, "now unless your gonna help, get the hell outta my kitchen! I gotta start stuffing these damn things or it'll never be ready." he waved the spoon behind him in the Alphas general direction, still too red to look away from what was in front of him.

Antonio chuckled, “Alright, call me when dinner’s ready Lovi~” He kissed his cheek once more and Lovino grumbled again as the Alpha retreated to the living room.

With the distraction out of the kitchen Lovino went through the rest of the steps easily, only burning himself twice this time and breaking nothing... soon enough it was in the oven with the timer on.

He sighed and took off his apron, hanging it on the hook and moved out into the living room sitting down next to Antonio. "It'll be ready in twenty minutes" He said looking at the TV and leaning back against the couch.

Lovino huffed and pouted as Antonio’s arms wrapped around him and he was pulled closer, cheeks tinging red again, but he didn't pull away, just settled himself in comfortably for the wait. he could use the contact anyway... He was scared. Scared that something was wrong with him. they're scents were so strong to each other, how had the pair not been able to have a baby yet? It made no sense...

He looked down at the ring on his left hand and furrowed his brow. What would Antonio do if Lovi couldn't even get pregnant for gods sake... What's the point of a barren Omega? his eyes returned to the tv, hands landing on Toni's forearms and head leaned back on his shoulder, he felt the other head settle on top of his.

The timer beeped announcing dinner was ready a short while later, Lovino disentangled himself and walked to the kitchen pulling the food out and putting it on plates (which were all mismatched thanks to his incredible skill of dropping them) "come sit, its ready" he called grabbing the plates and setting them on the little dining room table.

“Mmm~ It smells good Lovi~” Antonio smiled as he sat at his place.

Lovino laid out the forks and knifes "pfft of course it does idiot... I made it." He settled on his side and started eating. His eyes drifting up every now and again to look at the green ones across from him. suddenly he was just tired... "when's the next bar night out?" he asked between bites "I was thinking I would go next time..." Usually he avoided other Omegas, they were too whiny and sensitive, but it might be nice to get out of the house and away from everything for once.

“Eh, really? Normally you never want to go! Well, it’s next Friday, since you’re interested.” Antonio took another bite before smiling.

Lovino glared he didn’t have to sound so surprised! "Well there's No fucking point in staying cooped up in this damn apartment if we don't even have-" He caught himself and was quiet for a minute before looking back at his plate and mumbling "I just wanted to this time. I'll go on Friday." he stood up and gathered his half finished dinner, no longer hungry, "I can deal with those whiny bastards for one night"

Antonio was quiet for a moment, and Lovino swallowed. Finally Antonio spoke. “Alright. Why don’t we both head to bed early?” Lovino nodded, putting his plate by the sink to deal with later, his throat was to tight to say much for fear of the words mangling...

he turned and walked down the hall, not even looking at his mate as he went. if he looked, the stupid bastard would have that sad face on, he just knew it and then he wouldn't be able to stop himself from blubbering. He walked to the bed and got under the covers waiting for the familiar warmth to slide in beside him.

The arms wrapped around him and he started feeling his barriers breaking... the second his mates scent hit him, they crumbled.

Lovino brought a hand to hold onto Antonio's shoulder as he ducked his head under his mates chin, the other hand went to his mouth to muffle the sounds of sobs that ripped through his chest. He curled in on himself more, shaking as tears soaked the pillow and the part of Antonio's neck he was pressed against. Antonio's arms wrapped tighter around him, and stayed like that until they fell asleep.

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England looked over the book once more as he got the finishing touches for the ritual he was about to do. Normally he wouldn’t do something like this, but Francis had gone too far this time. The two of them had gotten in to an argument earlier that day about Matthew while he was visiting. Matthew and Alfred had been off playing, and their argument was getting more heated than usual. Arthur had made a comment on France’s parenting skills, or lack thereof, and that had angered the Frenchman tremendously. It was enough for him to punch Arthur, knocking him to the floor, and yelling that one day both Alfred and Matthew would get sick of the Englishman and leave before storming out to calm down.

Arthur rubbed his jaw, still bearing a faint mark, as he thought about it, “That wine bastard, how dare he say something like that… I’ll show him what happens when he crosses me.” Arthur took a deep breath and turned to the chalk circle and runes he had drawn on the ground a few moments ago. He picked up his spell book with one hand to double check that the runes were drawn correctly. In his other hand he was holding one of Francis’ long, blonde hairs, which had been left on Matthew’s dress after he had given him a goodbye hug.

Satisfied that the runes were accurate, he put the book down and held the hair out over the chalk and clearly spoke the spell, “Egnever nwo ym rof nosrep siht retfa emoc ot snomed throf nommus I.” The chalk circle started glowing, and a thin, boney, shadowy hand came out from the center, reaching up with its palm face up and flat, waiting. With no hesitation, Arthur lowered the hair, letting go of it once he was sure it would land in the demon’s hand without getting grabbed himself. When the hair was firmly in the demon’s grasp, it shot back under the ground. A moment later, a shadowy, bone thin figure crawled its way to the surface, looking at Arthur with its thin eyes, which were a darker black then the rest of it. Arthur kept his own features expressionless. When it came to demons, no matter what level they were, he was always cautious as to avoid an accident.

“What is it you wish me to do to this person you want revenge on?” The demon asked Arthur in a voice that was simultaneously a whisper and a shout, as if two people were talking at the same time.

Arthur had already made his choice before summoning the demon, “I want you to kill him, but not before he’s been made scared first.” Francis was a country. Even if he was killed by a demon he would come back to life within a month at the absolute most. Was it harsh? Yes, but what Francis had done was harsh as well in his mind.

The demon chuckled and grinned, “My, this child must have done something really terrible if you wish such a fate on him.”

Arthur frowned in confusion, “What the bloody Hell are you talking about? Francis is an adult…” His eyes widened and his face paled. The blonde hair had been on Matthew’s dress… Francis had stroked the boy’s hair as they hugged… Oh god, the hair wasn’t Francis’, it was Matthew’s!

“W-Wait, I don’t want you to go after him! I gave you the wrong-!” Arthur tried to explain, but before he could finish, the demon’s hand had turned into a spike and had gone through his chest. The Brit looked down at it briefly, coughing with a line of blood coming out of the corner of his mouth, before the demon pulled its arm out. Arthur collapsed, dead before he even hit the ground…


Matthew was lying awake in his bed, hugging his teddy bear closely to him. There were tears in his eyes. He loved it when Francis visited, but he hated that he had to go every time. This time it had been especially hard for him to say goodbye since it had been so long since they had last seen each other, and already Matthew wanted him to come back.

With a quiet whine, Matthew hugged his bear closer, “I miss papa…” He sniffled, before the boy heard a creak. Sitting up, he saw that his closet door had opened on its own. Strange, he was sure that it had been closed when he went to sleep…

Matthew climbed out of his bed and pushed the door close again. Before he was even back under the covered however, the closet creaked open again. Matthew whimpered, getting scared now. He grabbed his teddy bear and made his way to the other side of the room, climbing into his brother’s bed instead. The other blonde was still asleep, so Matthew gently shook him.

“Alfie, wake up…” He whined softly, glancing back at the closet before looking back down at his twin.

Alfred groaned as he heard his brother's voice in his ear. He opened one eye and peeked over at Matthew, "wha' s'it Mattie?" Alfred slurred barely awake as he propped himself up on an elbow and rubbed sleep out of his eye.

Matthew whimpered, “I’m scared… The closet keeps opening on its own, even when I close it…” The blonde fearfully looked back at the closet, which stood across from their beds. It was once again open, and he swore he caught sight of one of his blocks coming to a stop just outside the door…

Alfred sat up and followed Matthew's eyes to the door, "It was probably just a breeze or somethin..." He muttered but regardless got out of the bed. He was suppose to be the big brother (it didn't matter if they were twins, he was older) so he would take care of it. He frowned down at the toy that sat just outside the darkness, only visible by the moonlight, "Well duh... you left a block out, it probably stopped the door from closin'... " He picked it up tossing it back into the closet before shutting the door, giving it an extra push to make sure it was shut, even going as far as pulling on the doorknob to make sure it wouldn't re open.

He turned back and walked to the bed "see Mattie? Nothing to be worried about. It's closed now." he said with a smile, but as soon as his knees hit the mattress there was a loud bang. His head whipped around, looking at the door that was now wide open, he looked just in time to watch the block fly across the room, hitting the opposite wall. Matthew cried out in fright as the block crashed into the wall, breaking apart from the force as it did. He hugged his brother tightly, trembling.

Alfred wrapped arms around his brother, still on his knees, “W-Why did it do that?!” the smaller twin cried out, sniffling and sobbing already.

Keeping Matthew close to his chest Alfred’s head whipped back and forth between the wall and the open closest, "I... I'm not sure... Maybe it's one of dad's fairies?" Alfred said looking for any excuse to calm both his brother and himself. He looked down at the shaking Matthew and gulped before putting on his hero face, "Watch... I'll just... I'll go tell her off for breaking your block Mattie!"

Alfred pulled himself free and took shaky but determined steps towards the closet. He was standing in front of it frowning as he forced himself to look tough, even past the tears in his eyes, "Look Mrs.Fairy! you can't just break other people’s toys like that!" He yelled. Both boys braced themselves, tension and silence followed... nothing else moved... nothing happened so Alfred sighed in relief. He turned to flash a toothy smile at Matthew and Matthew smiled softly as it seemed as though his brother had gotten it to stop, letting out a nervous laugh.

However, as Alfred went to close the door again, it slammed back fully open, knocking Alfred down, and both of their toys started flying out of it to hit the opposite wall around Alfred’s bed. Matthew cried out in shock and hid under the blankets as Alfred screamed, turning and crawling faster than he ever crawled before.

The toys flew past him, and one even caught him in the back of the head sharply before he managed to clamber under the blankets with Matthew. As the toys continued to smash around them they screamed out at the top of his lungs.

“Arthur! Daddy, help!”

“Arthur! Papa, help us, please!”

They screamed as loudly as they could over the banging, wailing with tears going down their cheeks. The two blondes clung to each other under the sheets, praying that Arthur would come and rescue them. After several minutes, the barrage of toys stopped, but Arthur hadn’t shown up.

Once they felt it was safe to do so, the twins poked their heads out from under the blankets, “W-Where’s Arthur…? W-Why didn’t he come…?” Matthew sniffled, looking around as he continued to hold onto his brother.

“I… I don’t know Mattie…” Alfred looked around as well at all the shattered toys on the ground. He was sure, even without the banging and the screaming, Arthur should have been able to hear his heartbeat from the other side of the house.

“We have to go find Dad…” He said finally, “M-maybe he was drinking that gross juice again or something…” The boys had watched their uncle Alister yell in his ear once after he drank it and it didn’t wake him up.

Matthew nodded. Even if it turned out that Arthur wasn’t in the house, for some reason or another, he didn’t want to be in that room any more regardless. Cautiously, Matthew crawled out of bed with Alfred and grabbed the candle on the nightstand next to him, lighting it. They made their way out of their room towards Arthur’s, staying close to each other in the dark house. For some reason, it seemed scarier than it normally did at night…

Matthew whimpered and stayed close to Alfred, being careful not to drop the candle he carried with both of his tiny hand as Alfred lead them down the hall. The older twin was shaking as they hurried to Arthur’s bedroom first. It was empty, bed undisturbed, “Shoot…” Alfred muttered as he pulled the door closed again. That mean they had to go around the corner to their fathers study… but… what if something was around that corner?!

Alfred took a deep breath putting his head up, “Come on Mattie, The hero will keep you safe!” Alfred's hands curled into little fists of determination as Matthew stayed right on his heels. The pair made their way bravely down the hall. However, no sooner had they turned the corner, then the candle was blown out causing both boys to scream, Matthew screaming even louder.

Matthew dropped the candle and clutched his hands tightly to himself and crying once more, “Ow! My hands hurt!” The blonde cried out. When Alfred’s eyes had adjusted to the dark enough, he saw that there was wax from the candle on both of his hands, still hot from the flame. Alfred grabbing matthew’s arms to look at his hands in concern, even in the dark he could see they were red. Matthew was crying loudly in pain, more tears joining the ones that had been there earlier on his face.

It looked painful, but they had dropped wax on themselves before… it would cool in a minute, and dad could help, but… His eyes darted to the rug groaning at the large puddle of wax, “Mattie! Dad says we have to be careful with candles! He’s gonna kill us…” He murmured the last bit.

Matthew sniffled and looked at his twin, “I-I’m sorry, my h-hands just hurt too much… I’ll tell Arthur it was me who dropped the candle…” He hiccupped and looked back down at his hands. The wax was still burning hot and liquid, even though it should’ve cooled a little by now. The blonde shook his hands to try and cool them down, even a little bit. Alfred furrowed his brow, as drops flew off Matthew’s hands, it was still hot? It hit Alfred’s arm and he flinched, but the burning stopped a second later…

He gathered the skirts of his nightgown quickly and grabbed Matthew’s hands wiping the hot wax away. As soon as it left the smaller twins hands, it hardened on Alfred’s clothing, so despite Matthew’s whimpers of pain, he kept going until every bit was gone.

“It’s okay Mattie…” He murmured once all the wax was gone, “Let’s go to dad’s office okay?” He was about to turn them back towards the room, but paused.

He felt as if his skin was crawling… like something was watching them. An unexplained panic took over him and Alfred dropped his skirt. Hurriedly, he got behind Matthew half pushing him down the hall as he rushed them towards the office door. Alfred had started at a quick walk, but wound up running, the feeling of something on his heels overwhelming.

They reached the door, Alfred yanking it open. He pushed Matthew further into the room slamming the door behind them, shutting the feeling out and leaning his head against the door while he caught his breath.

While Alfred recovered, Matthew looked around. He saw the oil lamp on Arthur’s desk, and crawled on to the chair he turned it on. Alfred hurried over toward the desk, standing across from where Matthew still sat in the chair. In the light, both twins could see that Matthew’s hands were burned red from the wax. While Alfred busied himself looking over the forming blisters, Matthew looked around the room again frowning.

“Arthur’s not here either…” He looked at Alfred who looked up as he spoke, “Y-You don’t think he’s in t-the basement, d-do you…?” Matthew whimpered. The boys had been prohibited from going down there, Arthur saying that it was extremely dangerous for them, but he himself would often go down there for one reason or another.

Alfred looked around the office. Matthew was right, there was no Arthur here… The chair he had hoped to find him asleep in abandoned, "I don't know... Maybe he's in the kitchen?" Alfred said hopefully, though he doubted it.

"Either way..." he said walked around the desk, opening the bottom drawer, "We gotta cover that right?" He pulled out a roll of white bandages. Arthur had started keeping medical supplies on hand when he figure out having boys in the house lead to a lot of cuts and bruises...

He turned to Matthew ducking his head, tongue between his teeth as he tried his best to do for Matthew's hands as Arthur had done for his that time he had tripped and caught himself in a patch of stinging nettles...

They heard the door opening again and stiffened up, looking towards it. Alfred tensed and Matthew whimpered when they saw no one there, and Matthew nearly started bawling his eyes out when a stuffed toy flopped down on to its side into the room, now terrified of it.

Alfred was breathing hard, but regardless he pulled his brother close, looking around, “We need to g-go find Dad! come on Mattie… j-just..." His voice shook and started to break with the panic, “Let’s go.” He whimpered, not moving. He did reach for the oil lamp. He would hold the light source this time…

Matthew shook his head no vigorously, staring at the stuffed toy, “I-I don’t wanna get near it!” He clung to his brother tightly, trembling. After what happened in their room, he was absolutely terrified of his toys now, at least for the time being. Alfred looked down at his brother and back up at the door. He couldn't argue that sentiment…

"Okay..." He said nodding, "T-there's another way out but..." He gulped and his eyes turned to the closet off to the side of the room. Before Matthew had come to live with them, Alfred had stumbled upon a hidden door in the back of Arthur’s closet... He had been warned never to go down the stairs, but what choice did they have now? Maybe it was where Arthur went... "F-follow me." He let go of Matthew lifting the lantern and walked to the closet, taking a deep breath before opening the door.

Luckily... there was nothing there... nothing flung at them either. He pushed the coats that hung there to the side, revealing an opened door, "This is the only way... I have the lamp and I'll be right here okay?" He said once again reminding himself to be like the heroes in all his favourite stories...

Matthew nodded, holding on to the back of Alfred’s dress as tightly as he could with his injured fingers before they made their way through the dark. Matthew would occasionally whimper or gasp whenever he thought he had heard or seen something in the dark around them, staying as close to Alfred as he possibly could.

When they reach the halfway point, the stairs started to shake. It was like someone was yanking on them, or jumping up and down. Alfred yelped, holding onto the rail, “Hold onto me Mattie!” Alfred called over the protest of screeching metal, trying to keep moving when the shaking would slow. Matthew started crying again, clinging on to his brother even tighter, as they made their way down as fast as they safely could. The shaking intensified until they were near the bottom. Once it had stopped, the twins raced off of the stairs… only to step in something wet…

Alfred lost his footing in whatever the substance was and crashed to the ground dragging Matthew with him. Both boys groaned in pain as the impact of suddenly hitting the hard stone floor. luckily Alfred had had the sense to raise the hand holding the lamp up, so it wouldn't smash, his other hand landing in the thick sticky substance to stop him from falling back.

He steadied himself and lifted it up to see, but it was too dark. Matthew reached over and turned up the brightness of the oil lamp. Alfred studied his hand and Matthew looked down at the floor. It was a dark red, like… The boys slowly followed the trail with their eyes, and Matthew proceeded to start screaming and crying at the sight they saw, Alfred frozen in shock.

Lying in a pool of his own blood, clearly dead, was Arthur. He was on his side, eyes glassy with a large hole in his chest that was still dripping fresh blood. The Englishman was lying next to a chalk circle with strange markings inside and around it, though some of them were smeared now due to the gore.

Alfred’s breath was coming sharp and hard as he looked directed into Arthur's glazed over green eyes, "D-daddy?" He finally stuttered... shaking violently and sobbing as he realized he was currently sitting in his blood... Matthew quickly came to the same realization and started crying louder, calling for his papa to help them.

Both twins were in too much shock to realize something was right behind them, silently reaching towards Matthew.

It wasn’t until the long haired twin felt something cold on his shoulder that he realized that they were not alone. A second hand was soon clamped painfully on his other shoulder and he screamed loudly as something started pulling him back into the shadows.

“Alfie!!” Matthew cried out for help, scrabbling for purchase on the floor with his nails to avoid getting dragged away by god knows what.

Alfred, being pulled out of shock by the screaming, now was scrambling through the blood, lamp down in the muck as he threw himself at Matthew wrapping arms around his middle and looking up in absolute terror at the grisly eyeless face, it's sockets glowing green in the darkness. He was scared out of his mind, but at the same time, his little brother was in danger, "Let go!" He screamed his loudest.

It inexplicably worked... The beast twisted in on itself and disappeared, dropping both boys with a thunk to the ground. Alfred clung to Matthew, sobbing into his nightgown, "Mattie! Mattie Mattie... are you... Mattie are you okay?!" He blubbered, looking up at his brother.

Matthew was in shock, but looked down at his brother and nodded, trembling visibly in his arms, “W-What are we going to do Alfie…?” He asked quietly, his voice barely above a whisper from both the shock, and from the fear that there might still be something else waiting for them in the darkness.

Alfred was ugly crying by this point, barely able to talk at all, but between sobs and deep sniffles he go it out shakily, “We’re - gonna- hide.” He moved to stand yanking Matthew with him. He clapped a hand over his mouth as he tried to hold back sounded of crying. He pulled them back towards and past Arthur’s body. They needed weapons first… if it was so dangerous down here, there had to be something sharp right?!

After a while of panicked searching, the only thing they were able to find that could be used as a weapon was a small dagger with markings etched into the blade. Matthew’s hands were too badly burned from the candle still, so it was up to Alfred to hold both the light and their weapon.

However, as they started to make their way back to the stairs, they saw Arthur’s body… twitch…

They froze, looking down at it for a second. Alfred had calmed himself enough to speak in unbroken, but still shaky sentences, "I-it's just nerves... " He said, his stomach rolling at the smell... he had been too panicked to noticed before but god did Arthur reek.

Matthew nodded and was about to speak when the body twitched again. He gasped and took a step back, pulling Alfred with him. The two watched in horror as the chalk circle and runes started glowing red, and Arthur’s body rolled onto its back before it started to spasm, limbs flailing around as Arthur’s veins started to become visible, turning black. The last part of his body to gain these black veins was his head. Once that happened, Arthur’s body went stiff for a minute, what looked like smoke trailing around the hole in his chest. All at once, the body moved in a way that shouldn’t have been possible, standing up without its arms supporting it or anything, facing away from the boys, but so they could see just a small portion of his face.

Alfred stood in front of Matthew his arms held out, as he looked towards two separate sets of staircases in a panic. One was farther away... but the other was so close to Arthur. Was Arthur... did he bring himself back? Was this what happened when nations came back?! Alfred wasn’t sure, and it was scary, "D-d-daddy?" He said in a very tiny voice.

Arthur stayed still for a solid minute, before his head suddenly snapped back to look at them. His eyes had dark black veins in them, and were staring unblinkingly at the two of them. Matthew couldn’t help but, once again, scream, and at that point Arthur wordlessly lunged forward and attempted to grab Matthew. The young colony managed to dodge out of the way just in time, and in his panic left Alfred standing there while he ran for the stairs.

When Arthur completely ignored Alfred, the older twin was off like a shot, he had to help his brother! Their caretaker's deadened eyes held none of their spark and frankly, even if it was Arthur coming back, Alfred wasn't taking chances with something that looked that scary! He once again threw himself, this time dragging down on Arthur’s legs tripping him just as ashy his fingers brushed the hem of Matthew's night dress. Alfred squeezed his eyes shut tight and hung on tight shouting, "Run Mattie! Hide!"

Matthew, snapping out of his utter panic, paused and looked back at his brother before tears welled up in his eyes and he nodded, making his way up the stairs as fast as he could. He looked around, adrenalin running through him, before running off into the main floor of the house. His first thought was to get help, Alfred had saved him, and now it was Matthew's turn.

He headed for the door, his plan was to get to one of the nearby towns, enlist some form of help. It turned out to be a waste of precious time as he ran between the front and back door, yanking desperately, both were locked, the mechanisms frozen in place and completely unmovable. In an absolute panic, he ran upstairs towards the attic to hide there. He had figured out how to get it open, and would sometimes go up there when he needed to be by himself. Arthur hadn’t figured out that was his secret spot yet, so maybe he still wouldn’t be able to find him there…?

Down stairs Alfred was still locked around Arthur's legs. The dead nation was striking him repeatedly in an attempt to dislodge him and continue his hunt for Matthew. Tears were flowing freely as Alfred held tight trying not to scream... the last thing he wanted was for Mattie to try and come back. Arthur, for whatever reason, was after Matthew now and a hero couldn’t just let his best friend get hurt! His hold, however, was weakening. Arms too tired, head spinning... The final straw was when Arthur managed to pull one leg out of Alfred’s grasp and swung the other, smashing Alfred against the hard wall of the basement. His head and chest connected, and Alfred was plunged into the darkness of unconsciousness.

Now free from Alfred’s hold, Arthur turned his back on the tiny body, making his way upstairs, searching for Matthew. Blood occasionally dripped from the hole in his chest, and his feet dragged slightly as he moved.

Matthew was hiding in the attic, in the corner farthest away from the stairs and behind a crate. The terrified child had his hands over his mouth, trembling and sobbing. He felt terrible for leaving Alfred behind, but he couldn’t go back now, not with Arthur clearly after him.

Below Matthew's feet, things crashed as they were tossed. Unseen forces, seemingly following Arthur progression, slamming cupboards and closets open, the contents spilling across the house in search of Matthew. Arthur had finally reached the room directly below Matthew's clever hiding spot, and the small blonde could see him through a crack in the floor.

"Come out, come out lad..." Came a voice that was and wasn't Arthur's. A pool was beginning to form at Arthur's feet, as his strangely clouded eyes scanned the area.

Matthew’s eyes widened when he saw his caretaker standing directly below him. He moved back, the old floorboards squeaking, but fortunately for Matthew there was a knock at the door just as they did covering the sound.

Arthur turned from the room, shuffling toward the front of the house. The sound of a door creaking opened went through the now silent house and Francis Bonnefoy's slurring voice rang through as it slammed fully open, "Arthur?! Where the h-hell are you?! I'm not done with-" The blonde froze, taking in the absolute disarray around him "Sacré bleu! Look at this mess! You dare insult my parenting when this is- ack!... What the..." He had taken three more steps, slipping slightly in the blood on the floor, though recovering his balance. His eyes opened wide, the drunken man sobering slightly as he realized something was very wrong...

"Matthieu, Alfred?!" He called suddenly moving through to the next room, not hearing as the front door, very quietly, closed and clicked shut behind him. He went through the house growing more frantic with every room, shouting out for the children. Finally he had found his way into the dining room, running directly below Matthew.

When Matthew saw Francis, he let out a sob of relief, speaking quietly as to try and get his attention without getting Arthur’s, “Papa! Up here!” He harshly whispered, leaning over the crack in the floor.

Francis head whipped around, but apparently he had not heard the small voice, "Boys, where are you!? Arthur?!"

Down in the basement, Alfred's eyes opened as he groaned softly. He hurt so bad, the pain so much worse when he tried to move, his side throbbing. He started to cry from it, "D-daddy..." He whimpered looking for comfort. His plea went unanswered and he was grateful for it as his senses and memory came back into play suddenly, "M-Mattie!" He pulled himself up moving up the stairs. As he did he heard thumping above and a muffled but frantic cry of his and his brother's names, "Francis!" He called out, moving up the stairs as best he could. He had to warn him! He had to be quiet!

Just as the thought of silence had crossed Alfred’s mind, a loud scream filled the air... “Papa! look out!” It was Matthew, Alfred changed course, abandoning his attempts to warn Francis to head up to the attic where he knew his brother sometimes hid… Francis was an adult, Matthew needed him now!

Back over the dining room, the large eyes of the small boy looked down on the scene in terror as Arthur stood behind Francis, his warning heard, causing the Frenchman to spin coming face to face with Arthur's reanimated body, “A-Arthur… what have you done…” He said in quiet shock at the shuffling, ashen skinned man, backing away.

Arthur, or rather Arthur’s body, kept walking towards the Frenchman, a dagger made out of the same black smoke that was coming out of the hole in his chest forming in his hand. Matthew had started crying again, loudly, as he watched in terror.

“Arthur!” Francis yelled, backing further away, “What did you do with Alfred? Where are the boys?!”

Matthew’s eyes were so focused on the scene he didn’t hear as something came up behind him, putting a hand over his mouth to cut off any screams of surprise. Matthew only had a second to struggle and thrash against it before Alfred’s voice hissed in his ear, “It’s me! Come on Mattie! We gotta move before Arthur finds us!” He continued frantically.

Matthew looked at Alfred with wide eyes, “P-Papa’s down there with Arthur! W-We got to do something!” He sobbed, trembling in fright and upset. As scared as he was of getting hurt, he didn’t want to see Francis getting hurt either and Arthur was now close enough that, even in the darkened room, Francis could see the gaping hole in his chest crystal clear, the black veins that covered his entire body unmistakable.

Alfred held him close looking down at their guardians. His face set on determined as he nodded, “Don’t worry Mattie…” He said quietly hugging his brother once more before quietly limping around. He looked around the room... It had to be somewhere here…

“F-fuck!” Francis said, Matthew watching as he backed right out the room, “My god Arthur! What did you do!? Boys?! Boys if you hear me get out now!” he cried frantically as he tripped and scrambled over things.

Alfred found the old pistol from Arthur’s pirate days. He held it in both hands aiming it at a weak point in the floor, his breath shaking… If he could just create a distraction. He could shoot a hole in the floor, fall through it close enough… Arthur said him and Mattie looked alike, maybe it would give Francis enough time to do something!

He turned to Matthew eyes hard, “Go... Go to Arthur’s room and hide under the bed okay? We’ll come get you.” he hissed. If any room would be warded, it would be Arthur’s… Alfred just had to hope this worked...

However Matthew shook his head voice strained and distressed, “What about you? I don’t want to leave you again.” He looked at his brother, silently pleading for Alfred to come with him.

Downstairs, Arthur’s body followed Francis, lunging at him when it was close enough and attempting to stab him. He missed as Francis dodged but wound up grazed his arm with the dagger instead, causing a large cut.

Francis cry of pain reached them and Alfred gave Matthew a desperate look. He looked at the pistol in his hand, tears gathered in his eyes. there was another way… but… but he didn’t wanna shoot Arthur! He would be so mad!

Alfred started shaking, but nodded. He moved across the floor to stand back beside Matthew, “Don’t watch okay?” He said, Matthew nodded and covered his eyes.

Alfred looked down aiming as best he could. Arthur was right on top of Francis, the dagger raised in the air. Alfred had to do it now! He furrowed his brow, choking out a sob before pulling the trigger.

His aim was perfect, the bullet ripping through Arthur’s chest… and continuing straight into Francis’s. The french nation cried out in pain, but it was cut off as the dagger continued it’s path, burying into Francis’s throat. Arthur’s cold, dead eyes turning up to the ceiling as Alfred dropped the gun panicking at his obvious mistake.

Matthew uncovered his eyes, which then widened immensely when he saw the scene below them, “Papa…?” The blonde whimpered, starting to tremble with tears going down his cheeks, sobbing and hiccupping.

Alfred looked over to Matthew, tears brimming before snapping his head back down, Arthur was moving, leaving Francis's cold frame in complete view... the blonde hair was laid around him like a halo... it was so much like Matthew's hair against a pillow… and that thought snapped him back to reality. They weren’t safe, "C-come on!" He said loudly, stepping over to take Matthew's hand. Tugging him out of view of the corpse and moving to get down those stairs before Arthur could make it and leave them trapped.

Matthew held his hand tightly and followed him down as fast as he could, blubbering and absolutely scared out of his mind at this point. He didn’t know what to do, what he could do about any of this. The blonde was forced to rely on his twin in order for them to get out alive, and a part of him didn’t like that.

Alfred was breathing heavily as they got down the stairs, plowing his way through the door at the bottom and into the hall, he whipped his head around eyes settling on Arthur at the entrance to the hall, he yanked them the opposite way through the twists of corridors, "We have to get to Dad's room!" He whisper-shouted.

Matthew nodded, picking up the pace to follow his brother as closely as possible. His heart was pounding in his chest as they made their way to Arthur’s room, feet hitting the hardwood floor loudly as they ran.

Navigating their way over everything that had spilled out of closest wasn't easy, they stumbled and tripped but they kept moving. They were so close! The bedroom door sitting open, nothing spilling out of it! It was a good sign! Until Alfred landed his foot right on the shards of a broken vase, causing him to collapse to the floor. Matthew gasped, stopping and kneeling next to his brother, “Alfie!” Without another word, he held Alfred back on to his feet, wrapping an arm around his waist to help him walk as they made their way into the room, just as Arthur turned into the hall. Slamming the door shut behind them, a green ward glowed on the door for a few seconds as Matthew turned the lock shut.

Alfred was shaking as he sank back down to the floor, a shard of the vase still buried in his foot. He whimpered as he pulled it out with shaking hands, more blood oozing onto the floor. Matthew walked over to him, kneeling next to his brother and frowning, “That looks really bad…” Tearing off a piece of his own dress, he wrapped it around the wound as a makeshift bandage. It would work for now at least…

Alfred sniffled as he watched his little brother wrap his foot. It hurt, but it also stopped the blood. He wiped his nose on his sleeve, "Thanks Mattie..." He said though the sniffles.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang at the door, followed by another, and another after that! Alfred reached up and yanked Matthew down beside him, wrapping arms around his twin, Matthew hold on to him tightly in return, trembling and watching the door to see what would happen. The green ward appeared again any time the banging happened, showing that it was protecting them. Eventually though, they’d have to find help if Francis didn’t come back on his own soon enough…

Every bang on the door was accompanied by a flinch at the sound. Alfred was confident it would hold... it had to right?! Except... it didn't... The wards glowing dulled as the door started to crack, flickering as the slams continued now. Both boys screamed as a large crack severed the glowing seal completely... now the only thing separating them was a flimsy wooden door and an ordinary lock...

Matthew sobbed and held on to his brother tightly, waiting for the inevitable but praying that it didn’t happen. His prayers went unanswered, A final connection causing the door to bust through, wood splintering and littering the floor leaving them face to face with the emotionless shell of their caretaker…

Matthew started crying, and held on to his brother tightly, burying his face in the other’s dress, Alfred quivering as tears welled again. Arthur walked towards them, but just as he was about to grab Matthew and Alfred, his body started to jerk, and his eyes cleared a small amount.

“G-Gah…!” Arthur was coming back to life, and was now fighting with the demon inside of his body. He looked down at his boys, trying his hardest to fight it off.

“A-Alfred, M-Matthew, get out of here! I-I…! I can’t h-hold it back much longer!” The Brit cried out, holding on to himself tightly as he tried to not succumb to the demon again now that he was strong enough to fight back.

Matthew held on to his brother as they looked at Arthur in terror. It was clear that he was trying to fight back whatever was making him do this, but Arthur was also clearly struggling to do so in the first place. Alfred sobbed but nodded, ignoring the sharp throbbing in his foot as he scrambled to get them both on their feet and out the bedroom door.

Where else could they go?! Where would they be safe! They had only just made it out of the room when they heard a loud thunk and a terrifying, inhuman screech. Alfred looked back without pausing in time to watch what was left of the door and it's frame blow apart.

The things that had scattered across the floor started flying, like a wall was catching up to them, sweeping everything in it's way and projecting it. Both were breathing too hard to even scream in the effort to run as fast as little legs could carry them, working to get away from the slowly catching up force.

As it got closer, things started flying past them, smashing in their path, but adrenaline kept pushing them forward. The pair rounded the corner at the end of the hall and came face to face with a dead end of the hallway. Matthew panted heavily, falling onto his knees and looking up at the wall, “W-We’re trapped…!”

“No!” Alfred refused. He was not about to let that thing get them! Not after Arthur and Francis, not after they’d held on this long! It would be day time soon right?! Nothing can get you when it’s light! His eyes darted to the two doors, a bathroom... that had no windows! But the other room did!

“No we’re not, come on!!” Alfred tugged on his brother’s arm, half dragging him into the room they’d started in. Their bedroom. He threw Matthew to the side slamming the door shut and dragging his bed in front of the door as quickly as he could.

Matthew had scampered across the room and was hiding under his own bed, holding his hands over his head and trembling. He hated being so cowardly, but he was just so scared… Alfred soon ran back over broken toys and to Matthew slipping in beside him and pulling the blanket over and an extra barrier. He wrapped his arms around Matthew, holding him close to calm him.

The sound of the wave approaching had gotten louder and louder, soon items were banging against their door, Alfred's hold on his brother got tighter, feeling Matthew shake as his eyes locked on the door waiting for it to fly apart like Arthur’s did... but it didn't... In fact it went completely silent...

The boys stayed perfectly still waiting, minutes felt like hours as the silence dragged... "I-is it over?" Alfred whispered.

“I-I don’t know…” Matthew whimpered, peeking his head out from under the bed. So far it looked like it was over…

Alfred was just getting ready to crawl out from under the bed when something strange happened... thick sickly looking fog curled from under the door and his bed, creeping into the room.

Both boys eyes widened to the size of saucers as they watched the fog seep into the room, spreading out to encompass it completely. It almost looked as if it was searching… at this point it was safe to say it was looking for Matthew…

Alfred scooted them back when the fog reached the edge of the bed, trying to push Matthew as far behind him as possible. A screech like the one in the hall filled the room. It was so loud the bed shook on top of them. The boys watched in horror as the fog twisted and folded on itself, retreating from the edged of the room and into the center. The grey green swirled to form a very large, very solid creature... Its skeletal form somehow smiling.

Matthew sobbed, trying his hardest not to outright scream in terror. The demon however must have heard the small sound of distress, as it looked towards their hiding spot. Before either boy could react, the bed was lifted up into the air and tossed to the other side of the room, the frame cracking slightly from the impact.

Alfred hurried to sit up, throwing himself over his brother as the large thing loomed… He was sobbing apologizing and trying to curl as much of himself around Matthew as he could, Matthew now a mess of tears and wrecked sobs.

It was reaching out towards them and Alfred shuddered deeply as its claw like fingers reached over him, brushing his skin on the way to his brother. He squeezed his eyes shut tight waiting…

Just as the fingers brushed the first piece of Matthew’s hair, the bedroom door and Alfred’s bed went flying. Both boys, and even the thing in front of them looked over in surprise. Standing, leaned against the door frame, was Francis, Arthur’s arm around his shoulder as the french men held him around the waist to keep him up right.

Arthur’s green eyes were full of rage focused on the beast in the center of the room. The demon lunged at them, but before it could reach the two older countries Arthur shouted out a spell, “Yot a edisni yawa nomed siht laes I!” The demon screeched once more, and there was a flash of light. When it faded, the four of them saw the fog that was in the room twist and fold into one of the unbroken toys on the floor.

The boys watched as Arthur panted heavily, collapsing to his knees weakly, “That was too close… If I had come back just a second later, I might not have been able to do that…” Alfred and Matthew didn’t move. Alfred wouldn’t let them, even if Matthew had tried. His chest heaved as he looked at the two adults unsurely.

“P-papa? D-daddy?” He squeak out, sniffling as tears spilled over his eyes. He was terrified they might not be real... or they weren't... right. If they weren’t he couldn’t let them get Mattie!

Francis slipped down the frame, panting and fighting to catch his breath as Arthur looked over at the boys, “Alfred… Matthew… You’re alright…!” He held out his arms for them, tears of relief in his eyes.

Alfred and Matthew continued to hesitate. But Alfred slowly let go of his twin, looking back at him in warning concern before taking a few unsure steps, keeping himself between them. He jumped and froze again as Francis grunted re-positioning himself to sit.

"It's okay mes petits choux," the Frenchman said with a slight cough, "It's over now... right Angleterre?"

Arthur looked at Francis and nodded, “It is…” He turned his attention back to the boys, “Everything’s alright now boys, I promise…”

Matthew whimpered, tears filling with eyes. With his trusting nature, he was the first to break. He ran over to Francis and Arthur, crying and jumping into Arthur’s arms.

Alfred watched as Arthur wrapped arms around him holding Matthew close, Francis stroking his hair… The brit turned kind, clear green eyes to him, Francis holding out an arm inviting him in. After a moment more of hesitation, Alfred’s hands went to his eyes and he wailed loudly, walking blindly until he was right in Francis’s waiting arms. The boys were shifted, both Francis and Arthur holding them together, whispering words of comfort.

When they could manage, Francis scooped both boys leaving the room. Arthur just barely able to hold himself up, grabbed the cursed toy, limping close behind.

The door to Arthur’s room had been completely busted off, but it was the least damaged room, and there was a bed to tuck the two obviously exhausted boys into.

As Francis got to putting the boys under covers, Arthur locked the toy away, sealing the box with a key for now. Later, after he had regained his strength, he would use heavy duty magic to seal the toy inside the box further.

The two full grown nations each took a side of the bed, laying with the still shaking twins. After the horrifying ordeal they had gone through, having both of their parents there sleeping on either side of them, keeping them safe, was all it took to get the two to fall asleep.

Over the heads of the finally safe boy Francis looked across at Arthur, noting the worried frown the englishman wore… he didn’t like it, “It’s not over is it?” He whispered over the sleeping boys.

Arthur sighed quietly, rubbing Alfred’s hair as the child laid pressed against him, “It’s bound… that should hold it, but if i ever were to get out…” He trailed off not wanting to say more.

“Then how do we keep him safe Arthur?” Francis asked, keeping his temper in check. It was hardly the time for arguing, even if he did have valid reason to tear strips out of the other.

“We can’t completely… but there’s a spell. If I make it so Matthew is harder to recognize, even if it did somehow get out, it would have a hard time finding him… even if he was right there” Arthur said.

“But…?” Francis asked knowing too well how this worked.

“It would make it harder for everyone to know him.”

“So you want us to just make it so we forget him?!”

Arthur scowled, “You’re going to forget your own son frog? you just have to focus on something that’s uniquely Matthew while I do it… It’ll be a way to remember.”

The french man frowned looking down and leaning to kiss Matthew’s fine silk hair before nodding, “If that’s what is needed to keep him safe…”

"We’ll do it when we wake, before we leave… I have another residence further toward the channel, We can head there tomorrow.” Francis nodded and Arthur paused looking around the room, muttering more to himself then the already drifting French nation, “I don’t think there’s even much left here to pack… but I can have it sent behind us. Get the boys away…” He yawned, his eyes suddenly heavy, murmuring his last sentence before sleep took him, “If we’re lucky they won’t even remember it…”

With that, The nightmare was over.

In the morning the spell was cast, Alfred concentrating hard on everything that was Matthew, Francis focusing on the boy's fine french hair… Arthur had decided upon his eyes, but it was harder for him to concentrate while making sure the spell was done correctly.

They packed up, and left the house, headed off to somewhere safe and untainted by such bad memories.

~~~~ Epilogue ~~~~

Many years later, Matthew was now physically a pre-teen. He and Alfred were helping Arthur with some cleaning in the attic to get ready to move to a new house. Other than an occasional recurring nightmare of him and his brother as kids being chased down a hall, Matthew was perfectly content, and was looking forward to their new place.

Alfred, though he had no remaining knowledge of that night, was less happy. Though that was due to the current cleaning project. He grumbled as he picked up a box, coughing at the cloud of dust that came with it, "It's so filthy up here, why is he making us do the attic?"

“Because I’m the adult here and I say so!” Arthur called up from downstairs. Matthew chuckled softly and smiled.

“He has us there Alfred.” The quieter blonde paused before continuing, “Hey, do you ever get the same nightmare over and over again?” Matthew asked his brother, knowing he wouldn’t talk about it unless asked.

Alfred who was sticking his tongue out at the stairs turned with an eyebrow raised and shrugged, "Not really... " He paused for a moment, "Oh wait! yeah! remember a few years ago at Christmas when dad made us those weird black lumpy things and refused to tell us what they were? Every thanksgiving I start dreaming about finding them. Like completely normal dream then just BAM mystery charcoal! Right through till Christmas!" He chuckled then tilted his head at his brother, "Why do you ask?"

“Well, lately I keep having a nightmare at least once a week about the two of us. We’re little kids again, and something’s chasing us down a long hall. For some reason my hands hurt, and even though I can’t see it I somehow know that there’s wax on your dress.” Matthew frowned slightly, “For some reason, it absolutely terrifies me, like it’s something that really happened…”

Alfred shrugged again, opening his mouth as Arthur called out for him to hurry up. Alfred rolled his eyes, "Yeah yeah! I'm comin'!" He called walking toward the stairs, "I dunno Mattie, I never had any dreams like that... Maybe it's time to put your foot down and tell Arthur to stop with the fairy tales... I mean.. those things are pretty creepy really." He said as he went down the stairs and called out a last thought, "That or lay off the maple syrup before bed!"

Matthew sighed and frowned more, going back to cleaning. He moved an old carpet out of the way, when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head towards it, Matthew saw that it was an old box with symbols all over it. For some reason, it seemed familiar to him…

Matthew sat down on his knees and scooted over to it. He undid the latch, carefully opening the box.

When the lid was fully open, he gasped, his face going from curious to smiling as he picked up the toy that was in there.

“So that’s where you’ve been all these years!” Matthew smiled brightly, hugging it closely to him.

The white teddy bear looked up at him, “Who are you?”

Matthew opened his eyes wider in surprise and his smile grew, “You can talk now?! Well, I guess I should introduce myself then. I’m Canada, and you know who you are right?” The teddy bear tilted its head and let out a confused ‘um’ sound, which made Matthew chuckle again.

“You’re my favorite toy, Kumajiro!”

Nyctophobia, spawn of dark intentions
Matthew and Alfred are sleeping peacefully in their beds... well, Maybe not both of them. Matthew is feeling a little restless after a visit from Francis ended in an argument between the Frenchman and his current caretaker. During his restlessness he starts to notice some odd things in the dark of his shared bedroom... Is it just his imagination? Or is his fear of the dark spaces you can't see into justified?

Read more stories here:…
Set Pokemon to: 'All Regions', 'All Types'
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This is surprisingly more fitting then I thought it would turn out to be. :D

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Cutie~! :love:

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